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Culture Cre8ion was founded in 2016 by my husband and wife team, Niki and Kermit Spears. .  Niki, a former educator and school leader, and Kermit, a human resources professional, understand the internal and external factors which can prevent teams from being the best version of themselves. They also know that positive schools are productive schools!  This husband and wife duo work with schools and districts all over the country to provide a unique experience that will inspire a lifetime of change as they challenge each person to look in the mirror and take 100% responsibility for their thoughts, actions, and results.


Culture Cre8tion consists of Cre8tive Culture for Schools, a new school initiative designed to help schools create and sustain positive culture through shared leadership, mentoring & coaching for school leaders, and educators; and customized training and keynotes guaranteed to get teams energized and engaged in the work ahead!


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Our Leadership


Kermit Spears, MBA, CPC


I believe we are all unique and possess the ability and/or power to "show up" as we choose.  We can choose to continue to grow and increase our influence as long as we are on our journey. The choice is ours to completely embrace our unique self. My goal is to help the world become their best self through coaching, consulting, and mentoring.


Niki Spears


My passion and enthusiasm for creating positive school culture is based on shared leadership – including students as young as 5 years of age. I am taking charge to develop positive schools, organizations, and communities by sharing the importance of embracing a leadership mindset.  The choice is always yours!