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The Hand Hug Challenge

Do you feel that? That’s a Hand Hug!

The Hand Hug - A short story about transforming negative thoughts.

As a teacher, my mission was to inspire a sense of security, happiness, and a love for learning in each student. We know that school can sometimes be scary for young children who are still trying to make sense of their new world.

Whenever I encountered a student who seemed angry, sad, or frustrated, I often engaged them in what I called a Hand Hug. This became my superpower! A simple touch of the hand seemed to generate feelings of safety, joy, and peace as I observed, frowns being turned upside down, a sea of tears drying in their tracks, and anxious thoughts being calmed like waves in the ocean. How did I do this, you ask? With The Hand Hug.

In my first children’s book, The Hand Hug, I share the power of how gratitude can transform anxious thoughts. My books provide teachers and parents with powerful tools to help every child feel love and security. The Hand Hug demonstrates what can happen when we bring kindness, love, and gratitude together to create magical moments!

I am excited to present The Hand Hug Challenge as an opportunity to spread love and kindness this holiday season.

Do you feel that? That’s a Hand Hug!


Let's get ready for the Holidays and bring in the New Year on a positive note by spreading love and kindness this holiday season. Let's have fun by sharing Hand Hugs!! Here is how it will work:

  1. Print out a Hand Hug Slip or open a copy on your cell phone.

  2. Write an inspirational message, your favorite quote, or a personal note! You can even add a sweet gift if you'd like!! BE Creative!!

  3. Take a picture before giving or sending it to the recipient, and add #HandHugChallenge2022 to your pic prior to posting.

  4. Encourage friends and family to participate.

Let’s spread kindness this Holiday Season.

4. @culturecre8ion on Twitter and @nikispears4 on Instagram.

Let's spread Hand Hugs this Holiday Season.

Hand Hug Promotion
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