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Don't Hire A Robot

The other day I shared an experience I had with a coffee shop employee that did everything correctly, but didn't create a great experience for me. There were several things I walked away thinking about the experience, but what kept coming up was how she didn't make the connection. Immediately, when this happened, I start asking myself "did this person exhibit the same behaviors in the interview?" Yes, this would be the first question that pops up given my experience in HR.

I always try to imagine how the employee behaved during the interview process. Did they show something different and on this day with me did not meet their interview commitment or they did behave this way and for some reason, the manager was desperate to hire someone and she was the best of the worst applicants. If it's the latter, then no harm, no foul and I have to decide if I should return. However, if not, this is where the magic begins. We get to play coach!

My wife and I travel all over the country and we meet so many leaders with the same challenges. They have people working for them that can do all the right things, but struggle with making the connection. For the employee above, they didn't have a problem connecting with their co-workers, but they had a problem connecting with the customer. Alright, let's prepare to talk with this employee. I would grab a few things to help me prepare for this discussion:

1. Mission/Vision Statement

2. Prior communication on expectations

3. Organization's definition of customer experience

4. Questions from interview and their response

If you are able to gather all the items listed above, the conversation will be easy. If not, fear will begin to set in and the conversation will not go well. At the very least, go in armed with a clear mission and vision statement. If you don't have a clear mission and vision are going to continue to HIRE ROBOTS!

I would like to get your thoughts, comments, and suggestions while we unravel the Talent Paradox.

We always have a choice, what will yours be today?


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