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Act As IF...


One of the eight principles Culture Cre8ion teaches during our trainings is to BElieve. Believing is the act of seeing with your heart and not with your eyes. When we see only the things that we observe with our sight we can become discouraged and fearful because our world is bombarded with things that make us question ourselves and our sanity. In order for miracles to enter our lives, we must first have faith that good things are possible. When we don’t BElieve, it’s like we’re shutting the door on our blessings and attracting the things we don’t want in our life.

Our founder, Niki Spears, stated that several years ago, she was interviewing for an assistant principal position and during the interview, one of the interviewees stopped and said, “You will have to be an assistant principal in this district for three years before becoming a principal.” She (Ms. Spears) didn’t really understand why the person felt a need to say this because Ms. Spears was interviewing for an assistant principal role and had not mentioned a desire to one day become principal. But in that moment, she heard a voice and that said, “Man (people) do not determine your destiny, I have already done that.” Ms. Spears never let that comment become part of her belief system.

About six months later, Ms. Spears was named principal of this school. But what would have happened if she hadn’t “Believed”.

Many of us are being held captive by our own limiting beliefs, insecurities, and constraints or those of others projecting theirs on us. We fail to trust in God’s plan for our lives and allow these restricting thoughts to become our destiny. Well, this is a bunch of BS! A bunch of false Belief Systems (what else did you think we were talking about?).

When we are born, our parents and caregivers introduce us to the world as they interpret it, they share their judgements, fears, labels, and perceptions of the world, others, as well as ourselves. These belief systems shape our thoughts, our emotions, and our behaviors. While many of us spend years trying to unlearn many of the things we learned about ourselves, there are just as many of us that are not even aware of how this beliefs may be impacting our ability to create the life we desire.

When we practice BElieving exercises in our trainings, we first have the participants think about what they want for their lives. We ask them to take away all the roadblocks that usually stop them from dreaming, such as “I don’t have enough money,” “I don’t have a college degree,” or any other statements of lack. We ask them to dream, and to Dream Big. We then ask them to become whatever it is they want for their lives. Not waiting until something major happens, but actually becoming that person that they desire to be right now. Allowing themselves to dream and to “BElieve”. We take it one step further by asking them to stand up and introduce themselves to others in the room “as if” they have already accomplished their goal. It’s so much fun to see and feel the energy in the room shift as people get excited about their new ventures.

On Tuesday our founder had the opportunity to speak at the TSPRA conference, and in the audience was Ms. Jenna from Dickinson ISD in Dickinson, Texas. Ms. Jenna sent Ms. Spears the following message before her presentation:

My name is Jenna, I work in Dickinson ISD. I am at the TSPRA conference today to see you speak. You came and did several trainings with us…during that training we did an exercise wher you told the group to introduce yourself as the person you aspire to be five years from now, Never before had I thought ‘politician’ but it came into my head at that moment. I introduced myself to everyone as such. Three years later I want you to know I just achieved that. I filed to run for Dickinson City Council and was unopposed. All from that moment in the training. I’ll be the youngest on the city council and the only female. Thank you, your training inspired me!

Jenna’s story (and many others) is proof that when we BElieve "all things" are possible, "all things" become our reality!

Jenna and Niki

Today, we want to challenge you to do just as Jenna did that day in our training session three years ago – think about what you want for your life, allow yourself to become that person now, and "Act As IF"!

Sending you love and hand hugs,

Culture Cre8ion


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