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Kermit Spears, MBA, CPC

I believe we are all unique and possess the ability and/or power to "show up" as we choose.  We can choose to continue to grow and increase our influence as long as we are on our journey. The choice is ours to completely embrace our unique self. My goal is to help the world become their best self through coaching, consulting, and mentoring.



Niki Spears

My passion and enthusiasm for creating positive school culture is based on shared leadership – including students as young as 5 years of age. I am taking charge to develop positive schools, organizations, and communities by sharing the importance of embracing a leadership mindset.  The choice is always yours!

Meet The Trainers


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Steve Clarke

Steve Clarke has 24 years’ experience as an educator serving 13 years as a classroom teacher, 2 years as an Assistant Principal and 9 years as a Principal.  In addition to his work as a Speaker and Trainer for Culture Cre8ion, Steve is also the Principal of Onslow Virtual Secondary School and has joined the Cre8ive Culture for Schools journey.  Mr. Clarke was one of the first principals on The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey where he reinforced positivity with his students and staff by promoting positive attitudes and behavior throughout the school community.  Mr. Clarke is passionate about school culture and his purpose is to make a positive difference in the life of others!

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Eddie Damian

Dr. Eddie Damian currently oversees the department of Leadership Development in the Fort Bend Independent School District, located in Sugar Land, Texas.  He is instrumental in creating effective components of leadership development frameworks and leadership programs for all district leaders, from principals and directors, to the office of superintendent.  He is a published author, most recently accepted by The Texas Forum of Teacher Education for research entitled "Elementary Campus Principal Perceptions of the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS)". 

Dr. Damian joined forces with Niki Spears when she worked with The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey and decided to partner with her on her new journey with Culture Cre8ion.  Eddie is dedicated to providing teams with an amazing experience during his Keynotes and trainings and is passionate about creating a positive culture in our schools and districts.


Dr. Damian’s specialized training is entitled: “How to have Difficult Conversations with Difficult People”.   He is an ICF certified professional coach and is certified in Hogan, Birkman, ELI leadership forecasting assessments, and 360 Feedback. When not working, he enjoys gardening, reading, exercising, traveling, and spending time with his beautiful wife, Carolina and his three children- Isabela, Lucas, and Benjamin. 

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Steve Waigand

Steve has a passion for building strong, positive relationships with students, staff, and families.  It is the foundation of his experiences as a classroom teacher and administrator for 15 years at the elementary and secondary levels.  He believes in a supportive, growth mindset environment where all students can and will experience success. 

He is the principal at Rock Port Elementary, recently recognized as a 2019 Certified Energy Bus School, 2017 National Blue Ribbon School for Academic Excellence, and 2016 Missouri Gold Star School.  At the core of the school’s success is a talented staff who put just as much time and attention into the social and emotional learning needs of their students as the academic needs.  It all starts with relationships!

Steve resides in Rock Port, MO with his wife and four energetic boys. They enjoy spending time together with family, going on walks, watching and playing sports, and spending time outdoors.

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Windy Hodge

Windy Hodge is an educator of 22 years, who is passionate about serving schools and helping school leaders create positive school cultures. She believes anything is possible with a positive school culture!

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